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Play To Earn & Staking

Our NFT project stands at the forefront of innovation and technology. The Royal Kingdom is a gateway to unique yield opportunities. Explore staking, raffles, and more, all designed to maximize the value of your NFTs.

Pure Utility Project

Our mission is to provide you with the best in class industry leading utilities that set a new standard in Web3. We've crafted a suite of solutions designed to empower and enrich not only your digital experience but also your life.

Global Impact Ready

Welcome to The Royal Kingdom, where NFTs meet global impact and an exceptional community of holders! We are not just another NFT project; we are a catalyst for positive change and a hub for value creation.

About us

The Vision

At The Royal Kingdom, our mission is simple yet profound: we aim to make a global Impact, and by supporting our project, you become an integral part of a movement dedicated to positive transformation.

We've been deeply immersed in the web3 landscape since 2017, accumulating invaluable expertise in generating yields for funding. Our mission is to construct an expansive compounding engine that not only rewards our holders handsomely, but also extends a helping hand to those in the tangible world. It's a genuine win-win scenario that drives our vision.

Simple Steps

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Receive Your NFTs

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Our Goals

The Mission



Phase 1

Build Community

Building a solid community adds immense value, driving project success, ensuring sustainability, and encouraging growth. It also gathers valuable feedback and spreads the word, making you the heart and soul of our NFT project. Our slogan has always been #communityFIRST! 


Phase 2

Launch NFTs & TOKEN

These projects merge cutting-edge tech and creative innovation to reshape the blockchain, investments, and philanthropy. Our mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible, including yours, through our utility operations and exciting financial opportunities.


Phase 3

Launch Marketplace & Swap

We're thrilled to reveal the future of our brand's endeavors. These platforms will stand at the forefront of the bull market, seamlessly merging art, technology, and finance. Together, these assets will provide sustainability.


Phase 4

Launch The Safest Blockchain

Picture a future blockchain where scams vanish completely. We will prioritize security, employ strict verification, and house a vigilant cooperative community, creating a secure haven for trustworthy digital interactions, and unlocking blockchain's true potential.


Still have questions?

Q1. What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital asset that represents ownership or proof of authenticity of a specific item or piece of content, such as digital art, collectibles, music, videos, or virtual real estate. NFTs are indivisible and are stored on blockchain technology, making them tamper-proof and verifiable.

Q2. How Do I Buy/Mint NFTs?

  1. Create a digital wallet compatible with the blockchain you want to use (e.g., Ethereum for most NFTs).
  2. Fund your wallet with cryptocurrency (e.g., ETH for Ethereum-based NFTs).
  3. Browse NFT marketplaces like Aura Exchange and others
  4. Find the NFT you want to buy and place a bid or click "Buy Now."
  5. Confirm the transaction, and the NFT will be transferred to your wallet if successful.

Q3. How Can I Sell NFTs?

  1. Mint your digital content using a wallet.
  2. Visit Aura Exchange and set your desired price or auction details.
  3. Wait for a buyer to place a bid or purchase your NFT.
  4. If your NFT sells, the marketplace will handle the transfer of ownership and the funds will be deposited into your wallet.

Q4. What Is Gas Fees and How Do They Work?

Gas fees are the transaction fees required to process operations on blockchain networks. In the context of NFTs, they are typically associated with minting, buying, or selling NFTs. Gas fees cover the computational work needed to validate and record transactions on the blockchain. They vary based on network congestion and the complexity of the transaction. You can estimate gas fees before confirming a transaction, and you pay them in cryptocurrency (e.g., ETH) to miners who secure the network. Higher gas fees can expedite your transaction, while lower fees may result in slower processing times.

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